Our new Latin course SEPTIMANA LATINA is a further development of PIPER SALVE. The texts of SEPTIMANA LATINA have been adapted, set in a new order and updated. Additional exercises were created and the dictionaries have been improved. SEPTIMANA LATINA consists of two parts, which complement one another in a way that they can be used only together. Both parts have been published by Lindauer Verlag, Munich in 2012.

Septimana Latina: Part 1 contains texts and images.

ISBN: 978-3874884358

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SEPTIMANA LATINA - Part 1 can be ordered at, at Lindauer Verlag or in another bookshop.

Septimana Latina: Part 2 contains exercises, grammar and the dictionaries.

ISBN: 978-3874884365

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SEPTIMANA LATINA - Part 2 can be ordered at, at Lindauer Verlag or in another bookshop.

Apicius, De re coquinaria: The recipe book we use is the Latin-German Apicius edition edited by Robert Maier and published by Reclam in 1991.

ISBN: 978-3150087107 [buy through]

Orbis Sensualium Pictus: This new edition of the Orbis Pictus by Johann Amos Comenius has been published by Uvius Fonticola at Friedrich Verlagsmedien in 2011.

ISBN: 978-3937446295

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Liber de Coquina: This medieval cook book edited by Robert Maier was first published in 2005.

ISBN: 978-1542486637

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Römisches Kochbuch: This new cookbook contains a lot of Roman recipes by Apicius, Cato and others, to which lists of ingredients and the method had been added, so that they can be prepared easily in a modern kitchen. The book has been published by Philipp Reclam jun. in 2015.

ISBN: 978-3150110195 [buy through]

Latein für Eltern: This little compendium has been written by Robert Maier for parents whose children begin to learn Latin at school. It has been published by C. C. Buchners Verlag in 2008.

ISBN: 978-3766154743 [buy through]

Gehirnjogging Latein: This book contains exercises by which the language skills and memory will be improved in a playful way. The work has been adapted to Latin by Uvius Fonticola and published by Hueber Verlag in 2012.

ISBN: 978-3194079311 [buy through]

Visuelles Wörterbuch Latein-Deutsch: The Visual Dictionary by Dorling-Kindersley has been translated into Latin by Robert Maier and published in 2010.

ISBN: 978-3831090914 [buy through]

PIPER SALVE: Our textbook PIPER SALVE came into beeing during the first ten years of the EUROPEAN LATIN WEEKS. PIPER SALVE has been written by moderators of the first Amöneburg Latin Weeks. It was published by Klett and ELI in 1998.

ISBN: 978-3126145008 [exhausted]

Unvergängliches Leben: In this Latin book with German translation, edited by Mechtild Hofmann in 2004 at context-verlag, Augustinus gives an answer to a letter from Floria published previously by Jostein Gaarder.

ISBN: 978-3924072377 [buy through]


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